5 days around Istria, Croatia

Date of the trip: August 17th to 24th 2019

Ever since I moved to Europe I wanted to visit Croatia,and this year was finally the time. We decided to spend a whole week there at the end of the summer to be able to actually have a relaxing vacation and close the summer in the best way. We rented a car and went from Budapest to Pazin.

How we went there?

First of all, we rented a car back in Budapest and it was the most comfortable option to be able to actually go to different places everytday and get to know the most of the area.

We had two options: we either crossed the border directly to Croatia, or we went through Slovenia. The highway ticket for 7 days in Slovenia costs 15 euro, while in Croatia they charge by km and in each highway they have different fees, so we decided for the Slovenian option.

I can totally say it was the best one not only for the cost saving part, but because the view and the landscapes in Slovenia make it totally worth it. And then, once you enter Croatia through that side, you can completely avoid highways.

Where did we stay?

As we were doing a low budget trip, we didn’t want to spend so much on gas, but we wanted to visit as much as we could. We decided to stay in the North side, called Istria, so we rented a house right in the middle of it: in Pazin! Best decision ever!

Pazin is a beautiful, small town that allows you to go to any beach of Istria with no more than a one hour drive. We rented the down floor of a house in Airbnb, which was just enough for four people. It had one main room with two beds and two extra beds in the kitchen. The owner is a sweet lady and his son with his daughters. The lady only spoke Croatian, but the son spoke English and Italian, so no issue.


S.K. Istrijana 7, Pazin, 52000, Croatia

Our itinerary

1st day

The first day we went in the morning to Pula and after that we went to a beach called Duga Uvala.


The city of Pula is located in the South West of the Istrian side. It’s a lovely, historic city, definitely worth it to visit. We went to the Roman Colosseum, which is the only one that still has all 4 collums intactly preserved.

Pula’s colosseum

To the temple of Augustus, named after the Roman emperor.

St. Augustus temple

We visited the fort. We went to the Roman Arc, and we walked the city center.

Pula’s Roman Arc

If you’re around and have the time, I strongly advise to pay it a visit. As we were staying in Pazin, it was a 40 minute drive to get there.


The private parkings we found we a bit expensive, so we ended up paying in an open space in a little street where it was permitted

Duga uvala

With a 30 minute drive from Pula you can get to the East side and arrive to Duga Uvala, where there’s a hidden beach so beautiful you’ll want to go there every day. The beach is behind a hotel, it’s quite small and you can enjoy the beautiful water in a no wavy kind of beach. Most of the beaches here are with rocks instead of and, so I will advise you to bring beach/water shores. If you have your floater with you, you’ll be perfect. Also, if you decide to come here, I recommend you to bring your own food and drinks as I didn’t see any place to buy any.


The parking here was free, when you get to the place you will see a parking place, but if you continue a little and go down the street, there’s another parking place, also for free but closer to the beach.

2nd day


On our second day we decided to go straight to the beach and after it go walk the city. We spent this day in the beautiful city of Rovinj, located in the West side, in the middle. The beach was in the Park forest Zlatni RT., a kind of hidden beach next to a beautiful, luxury hotel. The beach was super calm, though a bit more crowded than the one before.

In this beach the were areas for the did as well, which I found awesome!

The beach was the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good book in the sun.

Another perfect thing about this place is that we found parking for 2 euro for the whole day, so it was perfect to go to the beach and then to the city to walk around.

The city of Rovinj is a place to fall in love. If they leave you there, without telling where you are exactly, you could swear your in some city in Italy. The little streets, the style, sometimes the language, and even a scooter! All of that made us think of Italy. Rovinj is on a hill, so it has little streets going up and ask if then leading to the church from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset looking at the sea.


2 euro the whole day in a parking lot next to a basketboll court.

3rd day

Mošćenička Draga

BEST DAY EVER! This was my personal favorite beach of the whole trip. It was a one hour drive, but totally worth it.
It’s a long beach at the feet of a mountain where they have also private parts and mostly public parts. It was a full day, so wasn’t easy to find a place and also we didn’t want to be crowded, so we ended up renting a couple of chairs in a private place, 10 euro for the whole day, but it had its own direct access to the beach.

The beach had the clearest water I had seen and it was so delicious.

The view from the beach to the city was also spectacular, and the during the sunset, you could see the light falling on the city which made it shine in a beautiful orange range. It’s a small city, so not much to walk around, but still was a nice closing to the day.


In here we paid a bit more for parking, but was around 5 euro for the whole day.

4th day


This was our last day of beach, but still a very calm and nice day. It was also in a park, and the day was super chill.

This was the only beach where I actually saw jellyfishes, tiny ones, but still super cute ones!

By the end of the day we went to the city to walk as well, a small one, but so beautiful.

There we enjoyed a good ice cream walking around and checking out some local artists.

5th day


The last day of the trip we decided to stay in Pazin and get to know the place and it was a great decision. Pazin is a beautiful small city.

We went to see the castle of Pazin, where there is a zip line place, though we didn’t get to do it.

We then went to Zarecki Krov Waterfall, in a small lake where you can take a bath and people jump from the waterfall into the lake. I was still a bit sick and the water so cold that I did not dare to jump, but my dad and sis did!

Zarecki Krov Waterfall with my dad jumping


-Take water shoes with you as most of the beaches are with rocks instead of sand.
-Don’t forget the sunscreen, the sun can be really strong during summer.
-If you’re staying in an apartment or house with kitchen included, you can take your own food so you save a bit of money and buy the sea food in the local markets, fresh and at a good price.
-Is not completely necessary to have cash in the local currency, unless you’re planning on buying something to street artists. The rest, with card or cash in euro you can solve.

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