10 hours in Bratislava!

When you only got a few hours in a city you’ve got to make the best out of it!

Here’s how we made it in Bratislava. We only had 10 hours so we needed to make it be worthy. In order to do that, the first advice is to read a bit about the city, the most important places to visit and most of all: available FREE WALKING TOURS! Those are the best way to get to know a city, plus they usually give good recommendations on places where to eat, what to do on your remaining time and all.

We found‎bratislava  and we decided to do the Bratislava Free City & Castle Tour which has a duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes and it takes you to all the main places of the city center. Our guide was Jakub, a true Bratislavan who was super cool and nice while doing the tour.

With our guide tour Jakub

He talked a bit about everything, showed his favorite places to eat, to drink, all the “need to know” about the city and a bunch of fun facts. Like the people from Bratislava are very proud of the famous people that visit them, so when Hans Christian Andersen (the author of the Little Mermaid)  visited the city, they built later a statue of him. They also have a restaurant called Julio Verne because he once went there.

Julio Verne’s statue

The tour started in the main square. We walked the main street, passed by the theater, and moved to the center which now is a very nice pedestrian area where you can enjoy walking by and encounter some of their most famous statues as the working man.

The working man

From there we went to the church and slowly made our way up to the castle from where you can see Hungary and Czech Republic.

Bratislava’s Castle

Slovakia, and specifically Bratislava is a well centered city, that, as Jakub described it, during peacetime is perfect, but during war times is not the greatest location, as it is so well centered, everyone wanted to have control of the city to have the best strategy and advantage during the war. During peace times, it’s so good that in 25 mins you can cross the border to one of these two countries and go for a beer or a coffee (which a lot of people do).

The view from the castle with Czech Republic to the left and Hungary to the right

After the tour, we went for lunch at Meanto Bratislava (@meantobratislava) and had the original garlic soup which was exquisite. That’s one of the classic dishes from Slovakia. It costed 4 euro, so totally recommended.

Garlic soup at Meanto Bratislava

We also stopped at “The oldest shop” and bought a bottle of honey wine for 11 euro, and the only thing I can say about it: OMG! You guys definitely need to buy one, is delicious!

After lunch we went to walk a bit more, we visited once again the famous statue of the working man and If you like coffee and you love pink, there’s one place you NEED to go! The Pink Garden Cafe is a lovely pink place full of flowers, and beautiful pink decorations. They even have a little swing with a big pink bear made of little flowers with a big lamp so you can take some pictures!

We had a latte and a cappuccino and both were pink, which we totally loved.

After this amazing break we had to head back to the bus station as we had to take a bus to go to Brno. We traveled with Flixbus, the bus stop was really nice, with TVs showing the schedules which made it super comfortable.


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