Moving around – which transport?

When my sister and I travel, we usually go on low cost trips and look for the classic BBB (in Spanish BBB is: Bueno, Bonito, Barato), which translates into: Good, Nice and Cheap!

We travel the most with Wizzair when it’s by plane because we have the coupon discount and it really gives good discounts and can help a lot when you want to travel continuously.

Also, in our last trip, we discovered the website, in which you can look for trains and buses travelling from one city to another. It shows all the schedules, how many seats are left and all the prices (marking the cheapest one).

We ended up travelling with FlixBus. We’ve travelled with them before and they have a really good service! Very punctual in the departure and arrival. You can use their website or application to book the trips and if you use their app, you can use the barcode as booking document (very environmental friendly!) Our only personal advise, check in their website or app where exactly is the bus stop so you can plan ahead also how to move from there in case is not city-centered.

If you’re in Italy, and travelling by train, check always the website where you can find all the information about the schedules, fares, etc.

In Spain, for example, Google Maps didn’t work that well for us because, transport wise, it was always showing us the longest or most complicated route, we always ended up asking someone how to get from one place to another. But in Hungary, on the other hand, Google Maps works perfectly! Or you can also download the application of public transport company, BKK. And in case you’re visiting different cities within Hungary by train, download the app MÁV (Vonatinfó). Also very famous and very good in Hungary is the Car Pooling system, there’s an app called Motar ridesharing.

In Skopje, Macedonia, the only bus we took was from the airport to the city and back, and was with the company Shuttle Manora, which costed 180 denar (around 3 euro).

Our next trip will be to Paris, France, and we were told about the transport card called Navigo, which has 2 versions, the monthly and weekly one, and also 2 versions in zones coverage, “2-zone” or “zone-free”, including Orly airport and Disney. It costs only 22.80 euro (plus 5 euro for the card that you can keep for future trips and just reload it).

We’ll keep you posted on transport tips!!!

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