Margit Sziget!!

Margit sziget’s fountain

Margit Sziget! Otherwise known as Margaret Island it’s a beautiful magical place. It was one of the first places I went to when I got to Budapest and where I spent many afternoons in the sun reading some books. By the entrance, from Margit Hid, you’ll find a big beautiful fountain that in summer days is a good place to freshen up a bit with the breeze and the water.Now, this time I’ll tell you only about the fountain, you see, it’s magical enough to have its own post!During the day, at certain hours, there are music shows with the water and different songs! Some modern, classical, old school, and even some for children. But the magic doesn’t really happen until night, when the music-water show is combined by colourful lights playing with the rhythm of the songs. It starts at 21:00 until 22:00! It’s a perfect time and place to spend with family and friends. During this show you’ll also be able to enjoy two projection shows in the mist of water: one in which they put on display some Hungarian famous people of all kind of fields. And the last one, my favorite personally: a ballet performance showing different landscapes of the city. If you have already walked around, you might be able to identify some of them!!
If you’re curious, check the videos here posted and have sneak peek at them!

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